Open Source Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure

MIE network is the global ecosystem and leading open source blockchain network for everyone worldwide. Creating a future where businesses can transform their companies and enhance growth with enterprise-level technologies.

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True interoperability

Experience true interoperability with the MIE network. It allows different protocols of blockchain to actively communicate with each other. Hence, what that means is various chains can interact with each other and share data which in turn makes it easier to use different networks of the blockchain

Economic & transactional scalability

In the world of blockchain, scalability has always been the issue. But with us, it’s easy to maintain your cost and capacity factors. Our network has the ability to support your increasing number of transactions and also the rising number of nodes in your network through efficient scalability

Easy blockchain innovation

The critical mass gathering in the blockchain network greatly benefits the users. Hence, now you have the chance to directly send value from one to another party without the need for intermediaries through new systems of trust and exchange

High energy efficiency

A business network in blockchain uses a ledger that is shared and immutable between all the users or members with permission. Hence, through this, there is a rise in trust, security, transparency, and traceability of the shared data of all business networks. Thus you get high energy efficiencies delivering cost savings

Security for everyone

Blockchain networks are secure. It offers a comprehensive risk management system to all the users in the blockchain network using various frameworks of cybersecurity, assurance services, and also some of the best practices that help you reduce risks, attacks, and frauds

User-driven governance

Governance from a blockchain network is a combination and considers all aspects of norms, culture, laws, codes, people, and institutions. MIE network offers user-driven governance of blockchain with decentralization, accessibility, equitability, and managing or balancing your various interests

Play across chains

Full Scale


Build your own blockchain ecosystem


Build your own blockchain infrastructure


Build your own decentralized finance system


mie network unites a network of hybrid blockchains called private chain and public chains, these chains connect to and are secured by the mie network opensource chain they can also connect with external networks with SDK and network endpoints

Dex and Liquidity

Convert your digital currency to another digital asset and get access to asset liquidity for traders to swap between currencies with ease and without impacting the cost


Be it a Bitcoin or an Ethereum, manage all kinds of currencies through a blockchain wallet that will easily help you exchange funds securely

Decentralize finance

Have access to decentralize your finance through buying and selling your assets and financial services in the form of an investment that too without any middlemen

Market places

Marketplaces in blockchain enable you to exchange goods between the buyers and the sellers using crypto-payments and intermediary-free. You can also have a record of the origin and storage of goods

Sub or native blockchain SDK

Enabling programmers or developers with a set of tools that will help you to build a custom app that can be added and connected to any other program through blockchain

Metaverse and gaming

Offering Metaverse and gaming under high-security, full transparency, and an improved gaming experience to the users underlying the blockchain architecture

Lending and borrowing

Through your blockchain network, users can connect to buyers, or lenders can connect to buyers and can fund loans or borrow like intermediaries


Get used to blockchain payment systems. They support users with quick, secure, low-cost payments in the blockchain network

Stable coins

Keep your price pegged to a reference asset where the price is designed and get your cryptocurrencies converted into stablecoins that will reside on your blockchain network.

Decentralize KYC

With the decentralized governance model, get your identity established on the blockchain network ensuring enhanced security, and instant real-time KYC document updations

  • The public sale will be started at 0.0027 USD whereas after each 10 billion coins private sale
  • The rate will be increased
  • Listing token on Decentralized exchange
  • MIE Staking Platform will be launched
  • The legal process will be started in various countries. MIE tokens will be on a Centralized exchange
  • Product Designing will start
  • Mass marketing will be initiated
  • The first phase of Product Development will be Initiated
  • Alpha and Beta testing will undergo
  • The first product will be launched in this phase

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