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Frequently Asked Questions

MIE Network is here to absorb the world into blockchain technology. We are here to do that by making MIE Network the largest blockchain-based operating system in the world. We are not just saying it but we have planned it all through

We are a group of companies handling a variety of business streams since inception.

MIE is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on TRC20 protocol of TRON Blockchain.

  • hybrid blockchain network (compatible with sidechain netwrok)
  • huge eco system intraction with diffrent blockchain network

Yes, MIE is a multi-utility token. Many industries can use it as a preferred mode of decentralized and digital payment.

It is a blockchain-based asset that offers functionality like the functionality of Ether.

MIE can be used for the following:

  • Exchange of money
  • Exchange of assets
  • p2p & b2b transaction
  • Utility payment

  • Solve scalability issues in blockchain technology by providing layer solutions.
  • Have a better UX/UI for mass adoption while having incredible security and scalability.
  • Build an application platform for the DApp developers on MIE.
  • Providing the interoperability of the assets via DEXs.

It is paramount for cryptocurrencies to have a strong base to rule the market.

Utilization :

Even the most priceless things in the world become useless if they cannot be utilized anywhere. The circulation of any cryptocurrency does not reach the next level if it cannot be utilized on multiple platforms. Meaning, cryptocurrencies should be multi-utility and users must be able to use them according to their need and in any domain.


Circulation of any cryptocurrency depends on utilization. Circulation of any cryptocurrency does not reach the next level if it is not utilized on multiple platforms. Effective implementation of strategy devised for utilization ensures increase in the circulation of cryptocurrency.

Demand & Supply:

This is the most basic rule of economics. Increase in the utilization of anything ensures automatic increase in circulation. This is where the concept of increase in demand & limited supply plays its part to increase the price of any cryptocurrency. All of these three rules of economics complement each other and affect the LPN TOKEN as well.

Let’s see how these points will affect MIE Network.

Utilization of MIE:

MIE is already being utilized on four platforms. A decentralized crypto wallet, vault, payment gateway and forex trading and many more industries recording multi-million trillion dollar turnover every day.

Decentralized payment gateway will help users pay for online shopping on eCommerce platforms accepting cryptocurrency as a preferred mode of payment. Meaning, MIE can be used for making payments for online shopping.

Our decentralized wallet will help you make payment worldwide at affordable cost. Even storage of funds and purchase of tokens is also possible with it. Users will be able to pay fee of anything using our decentralized wallet.

Our decentralized vault is an additional layer of security that MIE Network users will need for solid protection of their wallet and their funds.

Circulation of MIE:

Utilization of MIE on the platforms explained above will surely increase the utilization of MIE. This will lead to increase in the utilization of MIE. As a result, the circulation of MIE will automatically reach the next level.

Demand and supply:

MIE has very much limited supply. Only half of the supply will be circulated to increase demand and supply. This will lead to increase in the price of MIE and it will help MIE rule the crypto market in 2023.

About MIE Network:

The MIE Network is held in high esteem for providing the hybrid blockchain ecosystem and network worldwide.

Please refer to the ROADMAP section available on our website. You can even download our WHITEPAPER for seeking detailed answer to your question.

You can use any trc 20 supported wallet.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the record-keeping of cryptocurrency transactions.


Token Name MIE Network
Token Ticker MIE
Token Supply 100,000,000,000 MIE (Pre Mined)
Platform Tron Blockchain Tron Blockchain
Standard Token TRC20
Token Type POS (Proof of Staking)
Smart Contract TSVdEMmiKa6HMEAv1CibcypVtLGSWqn25D
Decimal 5

An TRC-20 token is a blockchain-based asset with similar functionality to Bitcoin and etherum.

It can hold value and be sent and received.

The TRC-20 tokens are stored and sent using Tron addresses and transactions and use TRX to cover transaction fees.

For issuing tokens on Tron's network.

In 'TRC-20', TRC stands for Tron Request For Comments and 20 stands for a unique ID number to distinguish this standard from others.

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Yes, MIE TOKEN is a tradable Cryptocurrency.

We are glad to hear from you via our social media channels. For faster response, please use our Contact Us form.

We strongly suggest you to not to share any personal/account-related information publicly on any platform.

Has the government of your country or state declared purchase/selling and investment in cryptocurrency illegal? Do you still want to invest in MIE and buy or sell in the future?

Well, in that case, under all circumstances, MIE will not be responsible for your financial loss any punishment imposed by the government of your country and state on you. One more thing, our whitepaper has not been endorsed by any government. Under all kinds of circumstances, in part or whole, for any purpose, you will need to seek written consent of the MIE Network in advance.

For more information in this regard, you should read our whitepaper carefully and in detail. You can even browse through our website for the same.

As for reason, MIE Network does not take any responsibility for your financial losses and legalities imposed on you by the government of your country and state for any reason.

For customer support or user feedback, shoot us an email at

Our team will do their best to get back to you with an informative and satisfactory answer to your question.

You should read our whitepaper to know more about MIE Network.

MIETOKEN gives you access to a wide spectrum of benefits in our ecosystem, here you can buy, store and trade MIE Token

Initial Exchange Offering is a financial tool to help cryptocurrency startups/projects record their presence in the market.

We are also put our best foot forward to leverage the potential of this robust financial tool. The objective is to benefit our community of more than 10 million active users worldwide.

IEOs are launched in rounds and affect the price of cryptocurrencies.

Mie Network is also opting for IEO of MIE TOKEN in three different rounds. You are welcome to join our Public sale anytime. Remember the sooner you participate, your chances of buying MIE TOKENS at affordable prices get better.

We currently accept TRON(TRX) only.

If you want to buy TRX Token with fiat currency like the dollar etc.. You will need to convert it to TRX to be able to buy MIE Token.

We are on the verge of launching a decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway. Any business or industry can leverage its potential to receive or send payments from one part of the world to another.

This decentralized cryptocurrency vault is the best financial solution for those who participate in digital gaming tournaments, offline tournaments, sports tournaments and casinos.

This decentralized cryptocurrency vault is the best financial solution for those who participate in digital gaming tournaments, offline tournaments, sports tournaments and casinos.

MIE will implement three basic principles of economics as a business model (Utilization, Circulation, Demand & Supply).

An increase in the utilization of MIE will result in increased circulation.

This increased circulation of MIE TOKEN will increase the demand & supply of MIE TOKEN.

This is why MIE is already being utilized on multiple platforms for increasing its utilization, circulation, demand & supply). Our total supply is 100,000,000,000 MIEs. But the group plans on circulating only 50,000,000,000 MIEs to the market.

This is when the demand for MIE TOKEN in the cryptocurrency market will reach the next level. after that within 10 years quanity will down to the 10,000,000,000 of total supply This is when the group will implement the concept of limited supply.